Saturday, 6 February 2016

Mental Exercises To Improve Your Memory

 Memory issues is a burgeoning problem amongst the children today and also amongst the elderly people above 60 years of age.  The fast paced life is making time move faster than ever in the history of humanity, and the biological clock is already ringing the alarm bells.  Per se, to improve the memory, one needs to empty the junk from the mind.  To learn something, we must unlearn something else – this fundamental reasoning applies to the memory cells also. Understanding this essential aspect of the need to change is the first exercise anyone must apply first. The solution to most problems are simple if you simply think; solutions becomes complex or complicated if you have complicated thinking. 
Mental Exercises To Improve Your Memory

Now that the cause has identified lets us look at the options.  There is one big task to improve, and that is to organize your thought pattern.  The best way for inculcating organized though the pattern is to read nourishing material or topics that make a person think of the own mind this helps to develop cognitive abilities.  Once cognitive abilities are sharp, expressive abilities become strong.  Expressive abilities are nothing but putting our cognitive abilities into speech or text.  This is how organizing your thought takes place.  It is just like defragmenting the hard disk of your mind and freeing space from unwanted clutter. 

Another important physical activity that one can practice is to do the simple task of typing.  Yes, it is true – simple keyboard typing using the asdf; qwerty style typing. In many studies it has been found learning the typing of the old style use of qwerty keyboard sharpens the memory to find out the keys without looking at the keyboard instead of the one finger typing is a very simple and cost-effective solution to enhance your memory skills.

Playing lot of mental nourishing board games like chess, word scrabble, snakes and ladders, caroms, a so forth. sharpens your mind and a sharp mind means a sharp memory. Another method is to write simply all your nursery rhyme poems using pen and paper in the old contemporary style.  You will notice that you remember so much in your mind, but simply do not have the time to exercise your mind by recalling your past simple tasks which laid the foundation for the state of your current memory.  

In a week, at least, one day keep away from doing any work on the computer or modern gadgets like a tablet, smartphone, and so forth. Just utilize the time to have healthy human interactions and try to remember all your acquaintances and friends and make it a point remember them and go to meet them.  Sometimes you will realize that you have forgotten away to a friend’s house, just going there will not only help to make your memory sharp as you recollect so many things you enjoyed with your friend together.  Just as you forgot the way to your friend’s houses, the same way it can come back to you as soon as you make an attempt to bridge the gap.  Creating such gaps because of lack of time is what causes in the modern jargon as “intellectual deficits” (losing memory).  

This way there are umpteen ways to improve your memory instead of taking medications to enhance memory.  Medicine can only get digested and expelled from the body, but physically making an effort to remember your roots is what improves your memory.  Each once he starts thinking will find so many ways to organize his mind to improve their memory because there are so many intimate personal happenings in each and every beings life that they have forgotten – all they need to do is to remember it. 

Another important simple method is spending each day just 10-15 minutes at specified times either morning or late night doing nothing and keeping a blank mind or as some call it meditation in a quiet, peaceful environment charges up the mind to remember.  So the solution to any situation is in our hands, just think and organize and act upon it and bingo simple solutions come to the forefront!


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