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The Shocking Case Of Beth- The Psychopath Girl

Many already know if Beth Thomas, an intriguing story that is impacting strongly on social networks and has not left anyone indifferent. Both for those who have not yet heard of this girl as for those who do, we recommend continue reading this article.
Beth Thomas in Childhood
Beth Thomas: The history of the psycho girl 
This story is about a girl who lost his mother when he was only a year old . She and her brother were placed under the guardianship of his biological father, who sexually abused two children. Luckily, the abuses were detected by doctors and children were taken in by a social worker six months later.

Fortunately for Beth and her younger brother Jonathan, both were adopted by a Christian couple full of hope for being parents but could not conceive. Everything seemed fine until Beth began to show that he had very strange nightmares , and they realized that something was wrong.
Nightmares, the antisocial behaviour of small Beth
Nightmares tried on a small man who "fell over him and struck him with one hand." In addition, Beth manifested violent behaviour toward his brother, his parents and animals (which came to kill). In addition to  anger , they also found that Beth manifest inappropriate sexual behaviour: the child publicly and masturbating excessively, leading to bleeding occur.

These facts made ​​parents consider the possibility of going to a psychologist . Precisely in the course of diagnosis and psychological therapy Beth video that has travelled the world recording: an interview conducted by Dr. Beth Ken Magid, a specialist in the treatment of child victims of severe sexual abuse clinical psychologist. What he discovered this psychologist on the causes and effects of sexual abuse is under study in all faculties of psychology.

The chilling dialogue between Beth and her psychologist
This is a small beginning transcript of the interview:

"Dr. Ken: Do people fear you, Beth?
Beth: Yes.
-Dr. Ken: Your parents are afraid of you?
Beth: Yes.
-Dr. Ken: What would you do with them?
Beth: stab.
-Dr. Ken: What would you do with your brother?
Beth: Kill him.
-Dr. Ken: Who would you like to put pins?
Beth: For Mom and Dad.
-Dr. Ken: What would you like to happen to them?
Beth: They die. "
Little he admitted to physically abusing his brother
Beth admitted in his conversations with Dr. Ken and coolly, mistreating her brother forever, giving head against the floor, sticking pins in the whole body and in their private parts, stretching and kicking his genitals ... Even she came to explain that once tried to kill him, and she stopped only because her parents discovered. He admitted that he had also seriously considered killing his parents repeatedly and routinely abused their pets. Not content with just that, she came to kill several animals that roamed the backyard.
Given all these facts that she was telling, Beth admitted not feel any remorse or guilt , his tone to all his statements was cold and calm, as if explaining some trivial anecdote. Asked about why she acted this way, she responded that she wanted to feel everything she felt in the past for the abuses of his father. Also, to all the doctor's questions regarding whether she was aware that these actions produce suffering in the other person, calmly he admitted that yes, that was precisely what she wants.
Placement in a special school and psychological treatment
After a long interview, the psychologist obtained enough information to decide to take the girl intern in a treatment centre for children with various behavioural disorders. Beth was diagnosed with severe attachment disorder , which is characterized by the development of an inability to form healthy relationships and appropriate, because in this case the history of sexual abuse and abuse by his father. 

The attachment disorder needs to receive urgent psychological care, but it could become a danger to Beth own and their families, due to the complete lack of empathy expressed, which could be comparable to  disorders such as psychopathy or sociopathy . The reason why Beth was not diagnosed as a  psychopath at that time is because at that time  still not known the existence of antisocial personality disorder (antisocial personality disorder before age 18), on which still remains one extensive debate among academics mental health.
Psychological treatment to control their antisocial impulses
The treatment imposed Beth was very strict and orderly. Specially designed for children with the same disorder, whom you respect is very complicated rules and habits. During the night, and to prevent other children hurt himself, Beth  was locked in a room . It should also ask permission for everything from potty to even drink water. Over time,  the restrictions were being less strict and Beth was improving gradually .
Beth could fully recover and today is a person with a common life
At the end of the video we can see the breakthrough treatment Beth. Over the years, we can see Beth as a person with ability to empathize and to be aware of the consequences of their actions. Obviously, his apparent 'evil' had its genesis in the continued abuse of the victim who was still a baby, and his case illustrates the dire consequences of physical and psychological abuse at a young age.
Beth Thomas at Present
Currently,  Beth leads a normal life and work as a nurse . His professional accomplishments have earned it several awards. This case leads us to the following conclusions:  the importance of good parenting , especially during critical periods of the child. But he also talks about the effectiveness (at least in this case) of  psychological therapy , even in cases of extreme gravity and that may seem irreconcilables.

What were the keys to its recovery psychotherapy?
This total psychological recovery of small Beth could be achieved by raising awareness to the girl on his actions,  increasing their self-esteem , in addition to cement the functional habits and social behaviour, such as getting to be able to accept certain standards and to manage, channel and understand the reason for his anger.

We recommend watching the documentary Beth whole case, conducted by HBO in 1992. It is really interesting and should be competent in this case, for all that can teach us as professionals and as human beings.


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