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Study Says Music Taste Can Predict Your Personality

All urban tribe or ideological youth movement established based on certain characteristic signs: aesthetics, some ethical principles roughly outlined, but mostly about musical tastes well defined . The beat generation danced to the rhythm of jazz, the hippie movement and heard the sixties folk rock festivals like Woodstock , the yuppies with Love Over Gold Dire Straits. Goths and emos tremble with dark edges. And these are just some examples. Songs that marked a generation, or music that a youth social movement endorsed.
Relation Between Music And Personality
Music and personality: a real duo
But what we usually think, the music does not explain the way we are , we use music to see us identified with the vital positions and policies that consider more valid, but there is a close link between the identification and actions.

An example:  the harsh aesthetics and violence surrounding the heavy metal does not match the personality of their followers : most of them are friendly, peaceful and even a trend toward people  introversion , as noted by a study conducted at the University Heriot-Watt, a survey that was answered by 37,000 people around the world through internet (North, AC & Hargreaves, DJ, 2005).

So narrates Christopher Drösser in his book Seduction of music :
The respondents defined their preferences over 100 musical styles (from classical music to soul) which in theory were a reflection of their personality traits. These features were, for example: high or low self-esteem, creative / uncreative, introvert / extrovert, docile / aggressive, worker or vague.

Coincidences, 'heavies' and 'classic' are similar
From the survey designed by North and Hargreaves, one might note that l personality of fans heavy metal is much like fans of classical music , although his study itself qualifies the latter have a higher self-esteem than the first , average. So even though the musical styles differ in the extreme, not to mention the clothes it suggests that music style, classical and hairy could be categorized in the same psychological profile.

Other research conducted at the University of Queensland, Australia, led by F. W. Baker and Bor (2008) , give support to the above findings , thus discarding the music or musical style play a causal role in the antisocial behaviour, for example. They do suggest, however, that identification with a musical style is an indicator of emotional vulnerability.

Therefore, the psychic state is a priori, and from this individual left captivated by music that fits your personality. Sometimes, listening to music with melodies or lyrics depressing the ears of someone does not mean it is a trigger factor to depress many of his listeners, but on the other hand, sometimes this kind of music help to overcome low moments of mind .

Most people remain faithful to the musical styles listeners between 14 and 26 years of age , and this happens because our youth brand identities that will not be so fine for the rest of our lives.Recent research relates our musical tastes with academic qualifications.In an article earlier of Psychology and Mind , we learned about a study that linked the preference for different musical styles with a tendency to have a certain personality profile .In the study before us, Virgil Griffith, American software developer and application developer, I set out to investigate the link between the musical tastes of people and their academic performance.

The findings were included in the dossier " Music That Makes You Dumb "(music makes you stupid). The results of this detailed analysis were found after crossing the mean score on the entrance exams to college students with music published and shared on the social network Facebook . As we see, an unscientific methodology, but worth to echo the results found, or it as cornerstone to new research evaluating the relationship between these two variables: intelligence and musical preferences.
Smart Rock and aggregation for fools
According to the results, young students who got poor grades were those who liked listening to musical artists like Lil Wayne, The Used, Beyonce and Jay- Z, being the genres of Hip Hop and Reggaeton most commonly heard by this type students. In contrast, those who obtained a bright note in the entrance examination were crossed with the great composer Ludwig Van Beethoven .

Within the sector with high qualifications also reported repeatedly bands like U2, Counting Crows, The Shins, Bob Dylan or the British Radiohea d. Closely following this outstanding group list, Coldplay and Red Hot Chili Peppers .

The musical tastes of the average students (those not noted for better or for worse, average students) included groups like Pearl Jam, System of a Down , legendary Australian AC / DC, Oasis or The Doors . Study author visually classified all data in a table that was published on this website. Thank you.

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