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Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Generalized anxiety disorder is something like getting more worried about any events in our daily life. People affected with generalized anxiety disorder are always in tension, sometimes with money, sometime with health and sometime due to family etc. They keep their tensions and worries about everything. We just can’t spare their thinking from tension. They sometimes keep saying that they understand everything about their family and children and their social interactions are also full of worries about the things they care most in their life. Anxiety stars dominating them in all time and they can’t keep the anxiety apart from anything they do in their daily life.  
And gradually this constant worry becomes a mania and sometimes it becomes a source of fear. In maximum cases it shows severe affect with all time interfere in all things like school (for children), social activities etc and even in relationship also! You can’t even imagine how much this disorder can go up to! 

Generalized anxiety disorder- Symptoms

  • Generalized anxiety disorder has many prominent symptoms and many of them can be detected superficially, These are-
  • Excessive tension about everything happening around.
  • Sometimes they show unreal problems which are not actually happen.
  • They all time keep passing their time being tensed.
  • If someone gets closer and trying to know the condition they feel irritated and sometimes avoid the person.  
  • Being in constant tension they often fill their fluid level and after being in less fluid condition they sometimes get affected by muscle contraction. And this is one of the conspicuous symptoms.
  • Severe head pain is another key point to detect the disease better.
  • Constant sweating is one of the common points which can be included in the symptom of this.
  • Nausea becomes another prominent symptom of this disorder.  
  • Sometime semi diabetic symptoms also are seen in them. They go to bathroom frequently and feel tiered.  
  • If the person affected any addiction then, when he or she gets tensed he or she gets into the addiction and do the thing in an abnormal way.
Generalized anxiety disorder- Causes
Though the exact reasons behind the generalized anxiety disorder is still unknown, we can predict many factors which are seen in generalized way. So maximum health specialists or Psychologists take this causes as the “causes of generalized anxiety disorder”.  

Genetics: In some researches it has been proved that heredity is one of the strong points behind generalized anxiety disorder. If there is anyone in family affected by this then probability of getting affected increases.
Brain chemistry: Research shows that our nerve impulse plays an important role in generalized anxiety disorder. Due to false transmission of nerve impulse is one of the reasons behind getting tensed frequently. That controls the overall behaviors we exhibit. Neurotransmitter is the key elements that does all these mischief and drag a person into this kind of abnormality! Oh my God!  Sometimes doctors advised to have special massage and psychotherapies to get rid of this one. It’s basically to improve signaling power and do correct the false transmission. It has been seen that sometime it works like magic!
Environmental factors: It can be proved as one of the root cause behind generalized anxiety disorder. These events can be anything like alcohol intake, break up, divorce, job change etc. And in maximum cases this type of factors are seen. That’s why doctors take full personal and social history and even sometime professional history too to point the exact cause.

Generalized anxiety disorder has become a common disorder and you can’t believe a fact that more than 4 million people in USA are affected by this alone! This takes place in adolescence time.
Generalized anxiety disorder- How it is diagnosed?
It’s not very tough to pick out the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. But to be sure in this fact that a person is suffering from that is little bit tougher job. The person will constantly deny many facts and thing when he or she will understand that you are trying to point out some abnormalities in him or her.

That’s why doctors take family and personal history from other persons of his or her family. If the affected person is minor then she or he is asked something about schools and homework and then they are given some puzzles to test their patience because people affected by this often get anxious when something seems to do impossible.

Generalized anxiety disorder- Treatment
There is no exact way to treat this disorder as this come into multidisciplinary disorders, that’s why all the things done in very professional way because any mishandling can lead greater damage after all these are related to our brain ultimately. Combination of medication and cognitive behavioral therapy has been proved as correct step in many cases of generalized anxiety disorder.

Medication: Medicines are given to pull down blood pressure and to relax nerves especially because cooling nerves can only heal the disorder! But these medicines are not used in long term basis. All these can be used in short term actions only. Minor tranquilizers can also be used to heal down the tensed nerve, but it is given in long term basis then it can cause nerve disease. Antidepressants like Paxil, Effexor, Prozac, Lexapro, Zoloft, and Cymbalta can also be used in many cases.

Cognitive behavioral therapy: Cognitive behavioral therapy major passes way to go into the disorder deeply and sort that out in quick. In this disorder thinking pattern of the patients get changed fully. Cognitive therapy changes the pattern of the thoughts in a systematic manner. 

Generalized anxiety disorder- Side Effects
The common side effects that are seen generally are- weight gain in a very short span of time, having some sexual problem and sleeplessness. But these all happen due to some partial effects of medicines.
It can’t be cured fully. The symptoms can return anytime in any stage. So it’s better to keep the person affected in a very calm environment and never drag them into any debate like situation. Anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety disorder cannot be prevented and can’t be tackled fully with medicines or with anything else. However, there are some short escapes that you can do to get short term relief from it.
The things you can do are to stay safe-

  • Avoid consumption of caffeine, cola or tea like drinks
  • Avoid allopath and try to get herbal medicines
  • Avoid chocolate also
  • Practice stress management techniques
  • Avoid debate like situation where you need to provide answer against anyone. 

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