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Factitious Disorders Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Factitious disorders are referred as a proxy disorder when everyone around him or her is not affected by any disorder. He or she acts as an affected when he or she is ok with everything and free from any kind of mental and physical pressure which may lead him or her to any disorder.

It’s very difficult sometimes to detect whether he or she is affected or not because it’s kind of a puzzle for first time because People with factitious disorders purposely exaggerate signs of an illness in a various ways. Sometimes they do something that leaves us in surprised moment. They hurt themselves and bring some symptoms to divert you or doctor. If you have appointed a person to take care then they can do anything to drive that person out. They may make the whole room a mess to show that the person is not well in keeping everything neat and hygienic. 
Factitious Disorders Causes, Symptoms And Treatment
People affected with factitious disorder often behave like a child and try to attract attention and sometimes try to get advantage of sympathy of people around. They even get ready to go through serious tests to prove that they have very dangerous disease and some kind of monster disorder, they even read about some common disorders and try to mock those things to prove that they are having the same thing. Factitious conditions are considered mental illnesses since they are associated with serious emotional disorders. Sometimes you and me can also be diverted and seriously will be flooded with emotions for those but everything they do is nothing but a false moc

In many cases of factitious disorder, it has been seen that they likewise develop something dangerous like Neurosis and starts behaving abnormal. The symptoms come up are also different symptoms and then detecting problems goes very tough even for the medical professional. They even become unable to get into any healthy relationship.  
Factitious conditions are similar to another mental illness called somatoform disorders, which involves the signs that actually don’t engraved into someone due to mental illnesses. But you can easily differ them as in the last one people affected don’t show anything to exaggerate the whole matter and don’t do anything to mislead you. 

Factitious Disorders
Factitious disorder is a group where mainly four primary disorders involve. These are-

Factitious disorders with emotional symptoms: You easily can understand the symptoms right from the name of the paragraph. As the description indicates, individuals with this special Factitious disorder imitate actions that are very regular syndromes of a mental disorder, such as schizophrenia. They may sometimes show up very confused and can make some ridiculous statements to anyone, specially they dislike and also record hallucinations where the encounter of picking up points that are not there; for an example, listening to voices which is not real. Ganser syndrome, sometimes referred as prison psychosis, is a factitious condition that was first noted in detainees in an American prison. People with Ganser disorder have much unusual behavior which is literally dangerous but common in all types of mental disorder.

Factitious disorder with physical signs: It’s very rare but sometime people affected with Factitious disorder show enormous physical signs and symptoms like troubles in food and tummy, pain in breast etc. This phase of factitious disorder is in some cases described as Munchausen disorder, called for Baron von Munchausen who discovered it.

Factitious Disorder with both psychological and physical signs and symptoms: People affected with it shows physical and mental both signs and symptoms. But sometimes all these symptoms turn into difficult situation and in some cases parents do harm to the children in order to get attention.

Factitious Disorders- Signs and Symptoms
  • Possible indication of factitious disorder are listed below-
  • Dramatic and inconsistent case history in the affected people.
  • Very hazy and complicated symptoms with rounding inconsistent show ups of disorder. 
  • Predictable alignment of case histories.
  • They often have very depth knowledge of the diseases and disorders.
  • We often discover various nick and cuts in their bodies.
  • Signs get focused specially when they talk or communicate with others.
Factitious Disorders- Causes
Actual reason behind the factitious disorder is still unknown but doctors and researchers show a typical hormonal development and some theories indicate towards physical abuse in childhood age.

Factitious Disorders- How common this is?
In USA, One among every thousand is affected by this critical disorder. Think for a minute, how much will be there around us then? It can be in your home, in office or in friend circles! This is prominently seen among the males than females. This proxy disorder is seen massively in guys with drug addiction.

Factitious Disorders- How these are diagnosed?
Detecting this kind of disorder is a true pain. Identifying factitious disorders is very tough because of the proxy symptoms that are brought by the patients. Medical professionals have to dismiss other feasible physical and also mental disorders before a diagnosis of factitious disorder could be taken into consideration.

Factitious Disorders- How to Deal with it?
Every treatment of this disorder is related with the improvement of behavioral activities, simply the proxy symptoms that they produce. Treatment should be targeting the underplaying issues of Psychological miss behaviors. These people are given different types of prescription including psychical exercise and brain gym. 

But the prime targeting notch of this disorder is “counseling” and “training” that can be done with regular household items. One thing is must and that is support of family members and friends.

As of now there is no medication for this. But sometime sleeping pills are given to relax the nerves. This decrease Anxiety and other disorders relate with this. 


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