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Asperger's Syndrome Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Asperger's Syndrome is a kind of syndrome that doesn’t let anyone affected to use his or her communicative skills and social skills to be frank with people around. They often feel shy to communicate with their family members and close friend. Another point which makes this disorder a kind of “social barrier” for the patient is that he or he does not want to share the happiness and problems with others even with doctors also. If there is anything wrong with them, you can’t be sure about that because they will not be able to communicate with you at all. If you go to know about any abnormalities you have noticed recently then know a thing, that they only can let you know about the particular problem when they feel that you are safe enough and you will not make it a piece of a laugh. 

Just how Is Asperger's Syndrome Diagnosed?
If signs and symptoms are present, the medical professional will certainly begin an assessment by performing a total medical history as well as physical as well as neurological examination. Numerous people with Asperger's have reduced muscle tone and dyspraxia, or coordination issues. Although there are no tests for Asperger's syndrome, the doctor may use different examinations-- such as X-rays as well as blood examinations-- to figure out if there is an additional concern or physical condition creating the signs.

If no physical disorder is found, the youngster may be described a specialist in youth development conditions, such as a child and adolescent psychiatrist or psychologist, pediatric neurologist, developmental-behavioural paediatrician, or another health and wellness specialist who is particularly trained to diagnose as well as deal with Asperger's disorder. The doctor bases his/her diagnosis on the child's level of advancement, as well as the medical professional's monitoring of the child's speech and also habits, including his or her play as well as capacity to socialize with others. The physician often seeks input from the youngster's parents, instructors, as well as other adults who are familiar with the child's signs and symptoms.

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Asperger's Syndrome and Autism
Sometimes Asperger's Syndrome is compared with Autism but one thing should be cleared here and that is in the cases of Asperger's Syndrome normal behavior and normal intelligence is shown. But in the cases of Autism it is not same. Children affected by Asperger's Syndrome often shows marvelous intelligence and above the average standard. So it’s basically a complicated syndrome where people are limited with their communication and don’t share anything with others. Children with Asperger's Syndrome are normal in language development also.

Asperger's Syndrome- causes
Still the reason behind the Asperger’s syndrome is unknown and only clue we found that it could be a lineup of heredity. A lots of researches are going on worldwide on this.

Asperger's Syndrome- Symptoms
There are some symptoms that are very conspicuous in the Asperger's Syndrome patients. These symptoms are narrated below-

Problems with social communication and skills: People and children affected with Asperger's syndrome often have difficulties in interacting with a person and sometimes with the known persons. They often show awkward response in various social events. This is done not in consciousness. In general they do not make a lot of friends easily. They always have difficulties in initiating a topic when they are in group and maintaining the whole conversation to stretch that ahead.

Eccentric behaviors: Children affected by Asperger's syndrome often shows something irritating behaviors like hand wagging without any reason and hand twisting. But the most common is finger licking and hair pulling. When this kind of eccentric behaviours are seen in a child, get him or her to doctor as soon as possible.

Unusual Habits: Sometime children affected with Asperger's syndrome develop something very strange like- dressing in specific design and order. We can’t change the thing forcefully because he or she knows that he or she is correct in all manners and we don’t understand or see what he or she is seeing.

Communication difficulties: Difficulties in communication is another problem where people and children affected with this rare disease. They don’t make other people understand something with their facial expression. They usually have some problems in reading body languages of others and often they don’t understand the line shouted on which context. They are very poor in body gesture and in making someone understand about their wish.

Small range of interests: They often show very little range of interest but in which they keep interest, then it’s very tough to keep them out of those. They even make quarrel for that. Sometimes they shout and make everything else messy to get the thing in hand or in order. 

Coordination problems with others: Children affected with Asperger's syndrome show many problems in coordination with others.

Skilled in a domain: Many children suffer from Asperger's syndrome shows exceptional talent in some specific subjects like math, science etc.

Asperger's Syndrome- How it is Diagnosed?
If doctor thinks that Asperger's syndrome is in any child, He or she goes for diagnosis. In the tests doctor generally asks for a detailed medical history along with some other Psychological tests.General tests are-

1.      Blood tests for blood related issues
2.      CT Scan and MRI to check if there is any issue in brain image
3.      X Ray to check body area if there is injury
4.      Over all health test for physical fitness
Mental counseling can also be done where group discussion and personal discussion are arranged.
Where you need to go if something like Asperger's syndrome appears in your child- 
1.      psychiatrist or psychologist, pediatric neurologist
2.       developmental behavioral pediatrician
3.      Doctor who is trained for diagnosing and treating Asperger's syndrome.

How it is identified superficially
At first what doctor do when we approache a trained professional is he or she check the level of development in child. He or she lets your child to play and will interact with your child. They often ask you to put something valuable about the child. Doctor check speech and pronunciation of the child. 

1.      Speech test, where child is allowed to speak anything
2.      ABC test from board where child is asked to pronounce the alphabets
3.      Writing test where they are asked to write something about their friends
4.      Event test is associated with telling about an event that happened recently

Asperger's Syndrom- How it is Treated?
If you ask now, what is the cure of Asperger's syndrome, and then we have no answer because like every other mental problem we can’t manipulate this. It is very complicated to treat. But the following things are done in regular interval.Combination of these things can achieve a positive response.
1.      Special treatment where children are asked to perform with same kind of mates. Maximum children there are in his or her age group.
2.      Behaviour changing strategy where child affected with Asperger's syndrome is freed in a room where he or she see some children doing some specific things, he or she will also pick something he or she keeps interest.
3.      Through speech therapy we can improve communication skill a little bit. It is designed to increase all kind of functional abilities of a child.
4.      Some social skills therapy, generally conducted by qualified psychiatrist. Here children are thought some basic social skills and let them do whatever they want. By this way doctor knows what the development is in lecture capturing power in the children.
5.      Through meditation we can improve the condition but still there is no specific meditation for Asperger's syndrome right now.


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