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Post Traumatic Stress Disorders- Symptoms, Treatment and Medication

Post traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD): This is considered as one of the most dangerous disorders. Why? We are giving you one clue- It was called shell shock or combat fatigue syndrome. Notice on the last two words of the last sentence- combat fatigue. This is a very confusing disorder where every person got a very critical situation when he or she feels very disappointed and distressing in every way. Physical injury and mental distress may come up with something very dangerous for their life also. Post traumatic Stress Disorders come with something very unwanted things like intense fear, vulnerability or horror, such as a sex related or physical attack, the unforeseen death of a nearest and dearest one. That’s why we are here to help the persons with Post traumatic Stress Disorders. Here are numerous people who have experienced very distressing events or situations that may surely have reactions that could include some of intense shock, temper or anxiety and even concern, as well as sense of guiltiness.
Many people who experience distressing feelings that will have some side effects for sure. It could include some kind of shocks, temperament loss, social anxiety, and excessive concern over something, as well as a sense of guiltiness. But don’t worry, these reactions are very common and there is nothing to panic about. Sometimes these symptoms disappear with time and for lots of people these syndromes causes pain only and it causes sleeplessness in many cases. Every person with PTSD has many syndromes which are really vey correlated with some other diseases. That’s why it goes very tough to detect what is the problem actually. That’s why taking family history and medical history is very important in this case.

What Are the Symptoms of PTSD? - Get Useful Info
Symptoms are the keys to detect any disorder and to diagnose it. Every disorder has its own symptoms. So has PTSD. The prime symptoms starts showing within very few months, generally within three months in maximum cases. The intensity and also period of the illness differ. Some persons recover within first 6 months, while other things endure some times.

Symptoms of PTSD

People affected with PTSD consistently go through the bitter experience of ideas with memories of the trauma which have happened with him or her. These may get some flashbacks of the events that gave him a lot of traumas! Hallucinations is the another issue which causes some severe problems. They also might feel some never experienced distress when particular things of his or her past direct him or her to the flashbacks of an event where he or she met a severe accident or something bad that happened during his or her memorable days like anniversary etc.

The persons affected with PTSD may avoid his or her friends, family members that may remind him or her of the injury. This could result in feelings of detachment and also some seclusions from family and friends, as well as a loss of passion in every activities of daily life that the persons.

These includes some excessive feelings like problems in connecting with others mainly with friends and family members, sometimes they may come up with literally aggressive something while they don’t think about hitting someone dear and near! Shocks of past may direct them to many things what you can’t even think. Some side effects of this may include some physical symptoms, such as increased blood pressure with heart rate, fast breathing, muscle tension, nausea or vomiting, with diarrhea. Everybody reacts to traumatic events in different ways. Everyone is different in capability to take care of the fears of minds as well as tensions with. They may manage the threats postured by some terrible events or scenarios that haunts him or her. But everyone having with trauma may not have PTSD. Friends and family influence a man a lot to do many things.  PTSD was initially given the center of the clinical area by battle class doctors because you need to have diagnostic eyes. However if someone went through some physical traumas they may have the same!

How common is PTSD in USA?
More than 3.6% of adult American citizens are suffering from this disorder. If we count it, it may touch 5.2 million! Just imagine how many of us have been affected by this disorder! Simply unexpected but this is the reality my friend. There is no age restriction for this disorder. Anyone from any age group can be affected by this disorder! It is expected that more than 7.8 million American have go through a certain stage of their life where they feel PTSD. Probability of affected by this disorder is more in women because they are the victims of domestic violence! 
How PTSD is diagnosed?

Now comes the main point, how to tackle this disorder? This is a traumatic disorder where we need to support the patients instead of throwing him or her into any asylum type center for recovery. Remember this is not a typical mental disorder. We better can say it a stage of life where anyone gets into traumatic situations due to different shocks and events. There is no test to identify this stage of shock and this disorder purely. Doctors may arrange some tests to check the condition of health of the patient but the actual diagnosis come through physical person to person interaction. Tests can be done to rule out intervention of other diseases. Sometimes doctors referred to any psychiatrist when they don’t find any kind of physical and mental disorder superficially. By testing her or his condition of stress and other psychic condition specialists may refer something usual recover options like social activities and change of environment as well. 

Now, the actual point of treatment comes, the objective of PTSD treatment. The ultimate objective of PTSD is to reduce the emotional and physical symptoms and all the other things which are superficial. Therapy of this kind of disorder generally contains psychiatric therapy and sometimes medicines are also prescribed but in rare both are applied.

As a well wisher or family member of the patient you need to have a clear idea of the medicines that might be given in PSTD. But before getting into that let’s discuss something more interesting. What is it? What kind of healing it does, I mean the medicine. The prime objectives of prescribing medicines are to control the excessive sensation of PSTD disorder affected person. Basically these are serotonin resisting inhibitor. A range of psychotherapy techniques are used to deal with every person affected with PTSD.

Let’s discuss the techniques which are used in treating PTSD. These are-

Cognitive behavioral therapy: These types of therapies which entails discovering how to recognize are applied when case goes severe with time and also the cases go very tough when people affected by PSTD go anxious because patients can be affected by anxiety if he or she goes very anxious. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the one which actually has proved its worth.

Exposure treatment: This is very new kind of treatment procedure. Generally, it’s a type of cognitive behavior change that involves having the person go through the distressing experience of a severe mental shock. If anything like anxiety comes up in this procedure then the whole treatment goes a little bit tricky. In this case treatment should be done in risk free and chaos free environment. If any person affected by anxiety go through severe trauma then it’s better to carry on both treatments together. This has been really successful at dealing with PTSD. Exposure therapy helps every individual person to challenge the anxiety disorder and slowly come to be a lot more comfortable with situations which are really frightening and create mental and social anxiety. This has been really successful at dealing with PTSD.

Psychodynamic treatment: Let go on to another one which proves it worth in dealing PSTD. This kind of treatment goes parallel with all the other psychic treatments. We need to take care of something in dealing with PSTD people specially. But maximum of us don’t know those things. Let’s come to the actual point of decay where treatment especially psychodynamic treatment starts showing its improvements over the disorder. It’s the time when people affected with this disorder really gone aware about what is the wrong with them actually, a basic trauma. In maximum cases a distressing event is behind the reason.  

Family therapy: Family therapy is another way to get rid of the PSTD.  We need to isolate the affected person sometimes to save the other members of the family. PSTD could have an effect on a family member. But one thing we need take care of also- that is we have to go on support the person fully if anything distressful happened with him or her recently and we have to try our level best to pull him or her out the tragedy.

Team therapy: Group therapy is referred as the team therapy. It could be very helpful by enabling the person to share his or her thoughts that are locked deep inside his or her emotions and the anxieties which have jailed his or her every come up moments around and are making him or her cut off from the outside world with sensations with other individual persons that have actually experienced something really terrible.

Eye Motion Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR): It’s is very modern technique to detect the disorder and to break the shell of the causes of this disorder. The process of this disorder is a very complex type of psychotherapy which was initially created to minimize the mental anxiety and distress related to terrible memories come with some bad events yet is now also made use of to deal with some phobias.


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