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How To Lower/Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally

If you have noticed blood pressure fluctuation in recent days and by diagnosing the thing you have seen something that is astounding- high blood pressure! Oh My God! As of now you have already made your mind to get medicine to bring that down. But before that look at your life style because the way you live your life plays an important role in blood pressure. If you change some habits all worries about blood pressure will go and you can live a life king size! These don’t need any medication or any special kind of attention medically. Doing everything you used to do in regular days; we can bring down the blood pressures of our body easily from high to normal and check some lethal things like stroke and heart attack. 

How To Lower/Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally

Here we are going to describe ten ways that are effective and proven to pull down high blood pressure within few weeks. Thus you can leave your life without much tension about the rising blood pressure.

How to Reduce High Blood Pressure Naturally 

1.  Loose some fats in waist part
As our body weights go up high blood pressure accompanied by it. Being overweight in waist part can trigger many things like sleep apnea and high blood pressure.  Weight loss is one of the most effective ways to get rid of this. It is seen in research that losing 4 to 5 KG in waist parts can pull down the blood pressure effectively without anything else while people with broader waist are prone to develop high blood pressure. 

A statistics-
1.      Men enter risky position when waist part measures above 40 inch
2.      Women enters in the same when waist measures above 35 inch

Go to your physician and ask for the ideal waist line measurement for you so that you can check that.

2. Workout on a regular basis

In our busy schedule we often forget the most important thing that keeps us healthy and fit- exercise! A 30 minutes workout can keep us healthy and keeps us away from blood pressure. If we stop exercising it may affect our body badly and can trigger weight increase in greater way.

Regular morning exercise develops good hormones that help to keep energetic behaviours and pumps up all the time throughout the day. Regular exercise easily can do the magic and can bring the high blood pressure under normal level.

If you can swim in regular basis, there is no alternative of that. It’s better than any treadmill exercise.  You can do dancing, biking otherwise.

3.      Prepare a Healthy Diet Chart

Follow a healthy and balanced diet chart where fruits, vegetables and the main thing to remember while preparing diet chart- it should include low fat things like milk and non saturated products. Always avoid products with saturated fat and for fast food, add a big NO. 

Though it’s not very easy to change our diet habit, making some simple changes in the diet chart we can easily maintain that. Don’t go for drastic changes in one day, rather you can change it gradually. 

Always place some foods enriched with potassium because it can pull down high blood pressure and avoid Sodium salts as this can lead high blood pressure. Don’t go for supplement if you are going to lose weight. Follow the healthy diet plan even when you are going to restaurant too.

4.      Decrease salt in your diet plan

Add a big NO to all kind of Sodium salts. Add only that amount which is needed. Avoiding salt can decrease blood pressure drastically within few days. If high blood pressure hits you suddenly, use no salt and we can guarantee that the high blood pressure will come down.
Make a limit of slat to 2300 milligrams and try not to exceed this anyway. 

When a diet plan should be checked-
  • When we cross 50 years age
  • If someone has diabetes mellitus
  • If someone has a long history of Kidney problem
  • What to do to reduce Salt in diet plan
  • Always go for low sodium salts and foods that contain low Sodium.
  • Try to avoid processed food and replace them with natural foods.
  • Don’t add salt in food after cooking.
Limit Alcohol consumption. It’s great and very bad both! Consuming limited alcohol reduces blood pressure but excess consuming results high blood pressure. Ask you physical what the optimum level is for you.
Consuming liquor will lead high blood pressure and it can’t be controlled till habit of taking liquor is changed. It decreases the efficiency of the medicine taken for pulling the blood pressure down.

5.      Given up smoking

Smoking is also a bad habit and can cause severe blood pressure rise without any signal.  Quitting cigarette can make our lungs healthy and this Oxygen intake increases while excessive Cigarette smoking triggers high blood pressure.  It does not matter what is your age and sex. 

6.      Cut caffeine Intake

Excessive caffeine intake increases blood pressure and it’s proven. Like Alcohol we need to check this also. We need to limit the Caffeine intake and need to go for cutting this down day by day if it’s not possible to cut drastically within short span of time. Caffeine is present in Coffee and processed tea sometimes. In green tea, no caffeine is included. That’s why it can be a great substitute of Caffeine. 
Try not to take Caffeine before going to sleep, it hampers sleeps and excessive intake of it can lead abnormal impulsion.To see if caffeine raises your high blood pressure, inspect your pressure within Thirty Minutes of consuming a caffeinated beverage.

7.      Keep calm and Lower your anxiety

If you are in stress due to some reasons and this kind of periodic stress can result high blood pressure and if you are fond of junk food and alcohol, then you will take these things to lower your anxiety. Taking alcohol may soothe your nerves but it will harm you in long run.  Go for a walk and try to communicate with your spouse and family members to lower down the stress factor.

Don’t expect anything will work like magic in your life and that’s why it’s best not to expect anything beyond our imagination.Think about the problems which are only in our reach and what we can solve.

Practice meditation because it’s proven that meditation helps in lowering blood pressure.

9. Test blood pressure in home

Checking blood pressure regularly is very important to lower it. That’s why the best practice is checking blood pressure at home. Now a days there are numerous machines in market, you can buy any one them and check your BP in regular basis, These are easy to operate and very effective and quick. Get a full chart of day to day Bp check and consult with your doctor while visiting him or her. Show her the chart, the he or she can prescribe you the best option and diet chart accordingly.
Regular checking in home can help you maintain tabs on your blood pressure, make sure your way of living changes are working, as well as alert you and your physician too.

10. Get support

Get associated with supportive friends and members of your childhood friend circle. Avoid those people who always talk negative. A good environment can lead a healthy life and that’s why it is needed to maintain a good and healthy relation with friends and all around who may come on support you when needed. Always get in touch with encouraging friends and don’t put your stress into family members.If you think it is not helping in the ways you thought of, get in touch with your doctor and get a prescription for immediate purpose. 


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