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Best Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation (Rehab) Centers in USA

When a person affected by alcohol addiction we first try to make him or her out of the agony but sometime it becomes very difficult to make them realize that drug and alcohol are the two things that can destroy anyone’s life easily. Alcohol and drug both affect our central and peripheral nervous system. By influencing the nervous system these things can compel the patients think that everything around is as per their command. But reality is not that. Alcohol and drug push a person towards a uncertain and unclear future. If the situation goes wrong the best way to treat the patient is to admit them to any drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers or rehab home. These centers and homes are equipped with modern equipments and highly qualified experts. There patient can get special attention and well maintained environment as well. 
Best Drug and Alcohol rehab centres in USA

Here we are going to list up some best alcohol rehab centers of United States (USA). We have taken the time to research on the all esteemed alcohol and drug rehab centers, after analyzing all aspects like which types of insurance policy they take, and also just what their private pay rate it. In addition to these points, we wished to review their rehab program in order to meet the expectations of those looking for the leading rehab facility in the US. Here we have tried our best to meet every point that a good rehab center needs. We are going to list the best alcohol rehabilitation centers and home of USA below.

Best Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in USA Addiction Solution, Florida

When we are talking about the best rehab centers of USA, we can’t forget the name of America’s one of the best home for alcohol rehabilitation- Addiction Solutions of Florida. You might have known this one. All the specialists here know how to make a person out of the addiction of alcohol and drug. Addiction Solutions of Florida is a popular specialized drug as well as well as alcohol treatment center, situated in South Florida. Patients have the knowledge to prevent the stigma of alcohol as well as drug addiction therapies within this personal and private care center. Addiction Solutions of Florida provides a relaxing setting to begin the recovery procedure with self-directed personalized treatment options that are kept inexpensive and within the reach of patients as well. The treatment procedure is made to provide a good process of coming back from the addiction of drug and alcohol to the patients. 

All the facilities are there starting from all diagnosis and treatment and medicinal facility. You just need to follow their instruction and everything else will be taken care by them. Addiction Solutions of Florida is famous for their numerous ways of treatments. They help patients to keep their normal life leading and make them used to in avoiding alcohols and drug as well. Staffs and doctors are very cooperative and they assist them in getting their lives back on the right track and also living a more meeting and also healthy and balanced life in recuperation. Each patient will certainly feel comfortable at Addiction Solutions of Florida, residing in extravagant household environment with all special healthy services to house. Patients are allowed to have their phones so that they can stay in contact with their families. This thing helps to make them realize that they are at homely environment.

Infrastructure of Addiction Solutions of Florida: Addiction Solutions of Florida is tailored to meet the needs of individual patient. This center is open in seven days a week and has individual bed for each patient. Doctors attend their patients on regular basis and all staffs are very well trained and exceptionally equipped with perfect knowledge to handle these kinds of patients. Addiction Solutions of Florida's director, Daniel Callahan LMSW has actually spearheaded the unique The Break Free Plan. Patients are not left alone to fend for themselves once their treatment sessions finished. Those that choose The Break Free plan will be come with home by a staff of this alcohol and drug rehab centers and facility, this innovative support system by the Florida’s famous addiction solution is proven to pull the patients from the severe addiction of drug and alcohol.

A handy guide for Health Insurance
Addiction Solutions of Florida approves the following insurance policy for alcohol, or drug treatment services, kindly go through these before admitting the patients there.
  • Aetna.
  • United Healthcare.
  • Cigna.
  • Wellness Allies.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  • Amerihealth.

Apart from these it receives some other medical insurance. Kindly go through their websites before taking your final decision.

Inspirations Recuperation
It’s one of the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers of United Sates of America. Inspirations Recuperation Center is known for its one of kind facilities and also first class quality therapy program. This treatment center if Florida provides a tropical environment fit for healing with high-ends and comforts of house. This treatment facility is fully equipped with the best therapists in the country and if offers comfort and security as well. It provides the patients admitted here some best ways to healing from the affects of Addiction of drug and alcohol without any fear. Home like feelings that is necessary for every patient to be recovered from addiction is here. Staffs and doctors unwind all kind of therapies and ways of treatment to cure the addictions of patients.

Inspirations Recuperation
It’s one of the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers of United Sates of America. Inspirations Recuperation Center is known for its one of kind facilities and also first class quality therapy program. This treatment center if Florida provides a tropical environment fit for healing with high-ends and comforts of house. This treatment facility is fully equipped with the best therapists in the country and if offers comfort and security as well. It provides the patients admitted here some best ways to healing from the affects of Addiction of drug and alcohol without any fear. Home like feelings that is necessary for every patient to be recovered from addiction is here. Staffs and doctors unwind all kind of therapies and ways of treatment to cure the addictions of patients.
 At this exceptionally well drug and alcohol rehab center, the detox program is a class facility which not only helps to get a perfect escape from alcohol addiction but also provides a way towards healthy life.

Passages Malibu Rehabilitation Center

Environment plays an important role in healing any addiction. Pollution free ultimate rehab centers are the best houses of addicted people. Passages Malibu rehab center is located in the serene, private hillsides of Malibu of California. Greenery and noise free area of Malibu creates the best place for the patients. This famous Alcohol rehab centre is founded by Chris & Pax Prentiss. Founder was a patient of alcohol and cocaine addicted and after his recovery from ten year long disorder of having severe drug and alcohol addiction. A patient of the similar thing knows best how to make patients feel like home. Passages Malibu has among the 6 % of the country's addiction wellness therapy programs to have actually made the JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations). But the frontline programs are designed for drug and alcohol addicted patients. Using a well valued as well as scientifically sophisticated treatment program people of Passages Malibu has the knowledge to completely put a dot on the Addiction of alcohol and drug by unveiling the cause of their self medicating habits with series of personal and customized counseling sessions. The counseling session is held personally though sometimes group discussion is also arranged to share the experience of someone who has recovered fully from the addiction. In Passages Malibu doctors use an efficient and you better can say an alternative, and also risk-free way to to treat and recover drug Addiction and alcohol addiction as well, helping their customers create happy and healthy lives for themselves in healing.

     Betty Ford Centre

      Betty Ford Centre is one of the most well known rehabilitations for drug and alcohol in USA. But do you know the reason behind this extreme popularity of this drug rehab center? Some celebrities of silver screens admitted there for the recovery from drug and alcohol. Nevertheless this is not the only reason that the facility is so popular, Betty Ford Facility is well famous for the effective treatment for drug and alcohol addiction they have provided to all each person who has walked through their doorways from its opening in October 1982. The ultimate goal of this rehab facility is to supply reliable treatment services for alcohol addiction as well as drug addiction. The treatment procedure does not only include the patients, it includes the family members of the patient also. This nonprofit therapy establishment is located on a 20 acre land, providing its patients a free zone with a controlled healing program that ultimately push the patients towards healing. With an exceptionally trained team of Physicians, Nurses, Specialist, Therapist and others personnel at the Betty Ford Center; individuals receive encouraging treatment and also attention needed to move on in their healing process from addiction. As a whole it provides concrete facility to patients so that they can get out of their addiction easily and the homely environment assists to reduce the stress which comes due to withdrawn of drugs and alcohol in the patients’ bodies. There, they apply to their promise to give individuals and also their family members with world class treatment for drug and alcohol addiction as well as proper education and guidance and learning, helping them to restore their hope in recuperation. Patients of the Betty Ford Facility are not the only one, as they each will sign up with a unique community of healing where they are asked to come in a year to facilitate the program of the rehab center when they leaving. Medical graduates of the Betty Ford Facility (There is a medical college of this foundation) come together on a regular interval in this rehab facility to provide each other proper guidance and assistance as well as help to stay on track of the healing process with a hope to better life.

Hazelden Treatment Centers

Hazelden Treatment Centers are known as the father figure of all alcohol rehab centers. It was founded in 1949 as well as has actually become to be known as one of the world’s largest as well as most respected private not-for-but nonprofit alcohol and drug Addiction therapy centers. With treatment facilities in Minnesota, Florida, New York, Oregon as well as Illinois, Hazelden treatment centers have the ability to provide attentions to every individuals, households, and also different communities having a problem with alcohol addiction, drug addiction etc.
The mission of the therapy centers is to provide the patients ultimate relief from the drug and alcohol rehabilitation. According to their statement- "We are a pressure of recovery as well as wish for people, family members and areas affected by Addiction to alcohol as well as drugs". All thanks to the help of Hazelden Treatment Centers because they have created the ray of hope in the hundreds of its patients and many of them have got relief from severe alcohol addiction and drug as well.

An overview of the rehab program of Hazelden Treatment Centers
The rehab program is designed in such way that it has 12 different steps. It enables patients to get the therapies properly and to get the optimum attention and nutririon as well. There is a unique viewpoint which is based upon the identifying that alcohol and drug Addiction is a special condition and abstaining is the most effective method to handle this kind of problem. This is a customized program where every patient is included for therapy and all the other diagnosis. We can say it’s a one of kind rehab center where specific treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is followed.

Sundown M Ranch

It’s located in Yakima, Washington. Dr. Fred Montgomery who is famous for his private psychiatry services and got three different Clinicians Awards in the year of 2009. It opened it door for the drug and alcohol addicted patients in 1968. More than 1 lac patients have come out of this rehab centre after full satisfaction while getting the ultimate treatment for their alcohol and drug addiction. It has a long success story behind and got a lot of applauses. This excellent treatment centre is licensed by the State of Washington Department of Health, accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), as well as, certified by the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery. Their motto is stated through their business statement- “The Patient is the Reason why we are here.” The best part of this drug rehab centre is that it’s ultra affordable and run not for profit. The objective of this Sundown M Ranch is that they are to treat diseases and cure the diseases. They have a high profile multi disciplinary team that includes qualified doctors and Psychiatrists and supporting staffs. Former patients of this alcohol rehab center give testimonies which are really good. If you are looking for affordable but standard alcohol and drug rehabilitation center then it’s the one you should go for.  

Cirque Lodge
Another exceptional drug rehab center that provides excellent therapy and it holes a little in your pocket as well. It’s a fully exclusive addiction treatment center which is located in Utah. JCAHO thumbs up the hospital for its excellent service to the patients of drug and alcohol rehab center. Cirque Lodge treatment center is on the rich and famous list of marvelous facilities with caring for their all kind of alcohol and drug addiction treatment needs while one of theirs is afflicted with the drug dependency or alcoholism. Another best part of this hospital is that they hide the identities of the patients so that outer world does not make anything on that. That’s why many persons feel safe to go there. Cirque Lodge has their unique Five-Star rated accommodations in two distinct residential programs for all the patients though both are under your budget and affordability; these are Lodge Facility and the Studio Facility. The rehab program consists of an initial thirty day proper therapy and treatment protocol that addresses all the issues of the needs of every individual and assesses whether they need any future therapeutic need or not. Cirque Lodges treatment center’s staff are some of the finest and trained fully to handle addicted people in the world, a multi disciplinary team consisting of a core team of medical, clinical, and other supporting professionals assist each and every patients with properly building a addiction treatment experience to overcome the addiction of drug and alcohol permanently. Like many other treatment facilities in United States of America some special session with family members and spouse (if any) are arranged for a fully encompassing therapy and treatment experience for the patients.

Nova Recovery Center

Nova recovery center is a fully well equipped drug rehab program consisting of a 90 days program which is fully residential. Living with peace, 24 hours personal monitoring of all persons admitted there. A specialist’s program with extensive and intensive dual outpatient program, it offers many treatment and wellness recovery ways. This addresses all the issue related to behavioral issues and addiction patterns. This hospital recognizes all the issues regarding other ancillary disorders. Nova uses all the patterns to get a fully integrated therapy course. NOVA uses a twelve Step process which can’t be avoided or excluded from the entire treatment process of drug and alcohol rehab program. There is an internal gym for the patients. There is no surprise that NOVA not only touches all QA’s criteria for this unique program of excellence for alcohol and drug rehab process but it ranks number seven on Top Ten Drug and alcohol treatment Center.

Caron foundation
Now comes the premier drug and alcohol rehab center of Texas, it’s none other than Caron Foundation though it has another branch in Florida. The first one is the affiliated with The University of Pennsylvania for its excellence in rehabbing patients of drug and alcohol addiction. Caron Foundation provides cutting edge treatment for the addicted people of America. They have got many prizes for these techniques. The Caron Foundation has been internationally acclaimed and recognized as non-profit windows of alcohol and drug addiction treatment has been serving the general public of United States of America for nearly 60 years. Using their unique and researched through clinical programs, the Caron Foundation is able to meet all the needs of the individual affected by the alcohol and drug. Every patient goes through the unique and proper treatment procedure. They go through the mental, physical and spiritual healing. Even after treatment ends, The Caron Foundation offers an innovative junction for those who have come out of the foundation which is basically a supportive community for their alumni and the families and friends of the patients through some practically fantastic regional events and activities, some superb workshops, spiritual retreats and with some real support groups for the addicted people. This ultimately helps in recovery.


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